Inactive Blockchain-Startups

  Name Category Location ICO  
ascribe ascribe  Intellectual Property
Truly yours
location_on Berlin | ICO: No
Intellectual Property Berlin No Details
beercoin Beercoin  Other
The beer-based coin
location_on Bayreuth | ICO: Yes
Other Bayreuth Yes Details
bullet Bullet  Data Analysis
Welcome to your paperless office
location_on Berlin | ICO: No
Data Analysis Berlin No Details
conjoule conjoule  Energy
Our shared energy future
location_on Essen | ICO: No
Energy Essen No Details
contractus Contractus  Enterprise Infrastructure
Supply chain management
location_on Dresden | ICO: No
Enterprise Infrastructure Dresden No Details
cryptomarket Crypto Market  Marketplace
Krypto Market Marktplatz
location_on Linz | ICO: No
Marketplace Linz No Details
Cryptoleague  Gaming
Train, buy and sell digital soccer players
location_on Hamburg | ICO: No
Gaming Hamburg No Details
echarge  Mobility
Electric charging station redefined
location_on Vienna | ICO: Yes
Mobility Vienna Yes Details
envion envion  Mining
Off-grid Blockchain mining
location_on Berlin | ICO: Yes
Mining Berlin Yes Details
gaming stars Gaming Stars  eSports
The pokerstars of eSports
location_on Berlin | ICO: Yes
eSports Berlin Yes Details
healthbase healthbase  Health
Research 4.0
location_on Bonn | ICO: Yes
Health Bonn Yes Details
hicky 150 v2  Dating
Decentralized dating
location_on Berlin | ICO: Yes
Dating Berlin Yes Details
hubx HubX  Investing
Open protocol for decentralized & trustless funds
location_on Munich | ICO: No
Investing Munich No Details
inwemo Inwemo  Advertising
Content monetization
location_on Aachen | ICO: No
Advertising Aachen No Details
kette Kette  Intellectual Property
Tokenizing the world's value
location_on Munich | ICO: Yes
Intellectual Property Munich Yes Details
lenuschain LenusChain  Health
Health Data in the Blockchain
location_on Munich | ICO: Yes
Health Munich Yes Details
lovr Lovr  Entertainment
The adult industry revolution
location_on Cologne | ICO: Yes
Entertainment Cologne Yes Details
paysutra Paysura  Payments
The PayReward coin
location_on Frankfurt a.M. | ICO: Yes
Payments Frankfurt a.M. Yes Details
placeholder stokera  Fundraising
Finanziere dein Start-Up
location_on Frankfurt a.M. | ICO: Yes
Fundraising Frankfurt a.M. Yes Details
travelertoken TravelerToken  Mobility
Simplifying online bookings with Blockchain technology
location_on Kleve | ICO: Yes
Mobility Kleve Yes Details
ufoodo ufoodo  Logistics
Decentralized food delivery
location_on Cologne | ICO: Yes
Logistics Cologne Yes Details
way Way  Identity
Social media for the Blockchain era
location_on Berlin | ICO: Yes
Identity Berlin Yes Details