Social Media for the Blockchain Era



Way uses the latest generation of scalable, privacy-preserving blockchain technology combined with crypto-economic relevance protocols to enable valuable real-world interaction between strangers.

Way is the blockchain infrastructure for social discovery in the web 3.0. It incentivizes users to build extended trust communities in order to engage in valuable real-world interaction with strangers in their physical proximity. No central party is required for the coordination of and communication between users. Instead, a blockchain token incentivizes curators to organize communities in a useful way. All personal information remains under the sole ownership and control of users ensuring full privacy and data security. In the future, Way will enrich the real world not just with valuable information about surrounding people but also with content, games and all other kinds of augmented reality interaction opportunities. Way will be the direct information interface between the individual and its immediate real-world environment.

Kategorie Identity
Rechtsform Way UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Gründungsdatum n/a
Technologie Blockchain (Ethereum)
Investoren n/a

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ICO Status geplanter ICO
ICO Start n/a
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ICO Webseite https://www.way.network visit website
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Token Symbol GEEK
Token Kategorie Utility
Token Basis Ethereum / ERC-20
Handelsplattformen (Exchanges) n/a

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Gründer von Way

Achill Rudolph (CEO)
Gianluca Boccadifuoco (COO)