Decentralized Food Delivery



Ufoodo is an on-demand food delivery service which is architecturally and politically decentralized through the blockchain technology. The smart contract based system driven by the ufoodo token (UFT) connects customer orders to a deliverer pool and their favorite restaurants. So, by leaving out the middleman in conjunction with an efficient structure ufoodo is able to deliver premium food from people's favorite restaurants, while maintaining the revenues where they belong.

Kategorie Logistics
Rechtsform ufoodo GmbH
Gründungsdatum n/a
Technologie Blockchain (Ethereum)
Investoren n/a

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ICO-Information zu ufoodo

ICO Status vergangener ICO
ICO Start 01.04.2018
ICO Ende 30.05.2018
ICO Restlaufzeit n/a
ICO Webseite http://ufoodo.com/#tokensale visit website
Whitepaper Download
Token Symbol UFT
Token Kategorie Utility
Token Basis Ethereum / ERC-20
Handelsplattformen (Exchanges) n/a

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Neue Team-Mitglieder (Link zu Stellenanzeigen): n/a
Token Investoren für Pre-Sale: Yes, please contact Lukasz Kowejsza (CEO)
Equity Investoren (Angels, VCs): Yes, please contact Lukasz Kowejsza (CEO)
Auftritte als Speaker: No

Gründer von ufoodo

Lukasz Kowejsza (CEO)
Franco Leggio (CTO)