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TALENTER is a closed Peer-to-Peer-System for o ering ones service-talents and service-expertiese directly for others. It is based on TALENTER – a contractual currency derived from Ethereum and the Raiden Network.

Problem: Income inequality increases worldwide. Both between nations and within single economies. Reasons therefore are growing globalisation, automatisation and bad government. All discussed solutions concentrate on symptom-treatment. Therefore nancial support or other forms of redistribution are discussed. Unemployment is seen as without alternative. We belife there‘s an alternative: by creating of a new, up today undiscoverd labour markets.

The „You-can-do-that“ approach respectively currency. Every thinkable service can be ordered via Talenter.io. From skateboarding to apricot cupcake baking, ceramic dolls, to owner wreath braids and car manicures. Every ability can be o ered at TALENTER.io as service or as course.

Every service can be ordered by a push of a button at TALENTER.io and is going to be, as before agreed in the currencies own contract system, precisely time-accounted billed by use of GPS data by means oft the Talenter app respectively a Talenter chip bracelets.

Kategorie Payments
Rechtsform Alexander Hotz & Roland Schwarz GbR
Gründungsdatum n/a
Technologie Blockchain (Ethereum)
Investoren n/a

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ICO Webseite https://www.talenter.io visit website
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Token Symbol TLT
Token Kategorie Utility
Token Basis Ethereum (ERC-20)
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Alexander Hotz (CEO)
Roland Schwarz