Blockchain Startup

State-of-the-art, ultra-secure mobile device with an embedded cold storage wallet


Wallet Providers


State-of-the-art blockchain smartphone with P2P resource sharing, built-in “cold storage” crypto wallet, and Distributed Leger Consensus.

SIRIN LABS’ propietary operating system will give FINNEY™ users an easy-to-use Android experience with the Play Store and the apps it contains. What sets SIRIN OS™ apart is the enhanced security of the entire device and the built-in cold wallet accessible via the Safe Screen. Users will have a familiar experience along with an extension beyond the Android OS to ensure the blockchain and wallet security. These factors will enable FINNEY™ to hearld in mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Category Wallet Providers
Legal Entity Sirin Labs AG
Founding Date 2016
Technology Blockchain
Investors n/a

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ICO-Information for SIRIN Labs

ICO Status past ICO
ICO Start 12.12.2017
ICO End 26.12.2017
ICO time remaining n/a
ICO Website visit website
Whitepaper n/a
Token Symbol SRN
Token Category Utility
Token Base Ethereum / ERC-20
Token Exchanges n/a

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Founders of SIRIN Labs

Moshe Hogeg (CEO)