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Neco Finance

Neco is an eco currency designed for a better future of mankind! As a non-profit organization, we want to provide a free and transparent digital currency that is sourced and controlled by our community. Neco provides funding for common welfare such as education, healthcare, science, conservation, green technologies and generates universal basic income. We follow the example of Bhutan and measure prosperity by gauging our Community Happiness levels.

Category Community
Legal Entity Neco Finance Group
Founding Date n/a
Technology Blockchain
Investors n/a

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Neco Finance is looking for:

New Team Members (Job Offers): Current Openings
Token Investors for Pre-Sale: n/a
Equity Investors (Angels, VCs): n/a
Speaking Opportunities: n/a

Founders of Neco Finance

Florian Goette
Dr. Bernhard Schmalzl