Blockchain Startup

A decentralised platform for scalable & risk minimised stable assets




Individual stablecoins suffer from fragmented liquidity and concentrated risk. Each trades off decentralisation, stability and scalability. Yet collectively, stablecoins are a strong, fast growing vertical displaying outstanding liquidity and innovation.
mStable takes advantage of the collective strength of stablecoins by bundling them according to their asset type at a 1-1 ratio. mStable assets pool the liquidity of existing stablecoins while diversifying risk for the end user.
mUSD and mGold are mStable’s initial assets. Meta, mStable’s volatile system token, provides a layer of security beyond asset diversification and embeds the incentives required to govern a secure, decentralised system. The mStable Standard systemises stable baskets enabling the creation of truly scalable and robust stablecoins.

Category Investing
Legal Entity Stability Labs
Founding Date n/a
Technology Blockchain
Investors n/a

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Founders of mStable

Anthony Sassano (Visit Social Profile)
James Simpson (CEO)