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Jolocom enables a fully self-sovereign digital identity that bridges the gap between centralized services and the emerging decentralized applications enabled by blockchain technology. As an open source identity layer for the internet, Jolocom empowers individuals and organizations with tools to create and manage digital identity and become independent from identity providers. With sophisticated key management, verification, and single sign-on functionalities Jolocom can readily replace existing centralized identity solutions with a decentralized and open source tool. A Jolocom identity is claim based, meaning you can model complex structures associated with an identity in the form of claims (e.g. stating that you are over 21 years old and have residence in Germany) that can further be verified to build up trust.

Situated at the forefront of decentralized developments, Jolocom identities are designed to be backend agnostic, allowing for the integration of various blockchain technologies. Following the most recent alpha release, Jolocom will enable token management and smart contract interactions as a next step. Our express aim is to create a simple, lovable tool to own and control your digital footprint.

Kategorie Identity
Rechtsform Jolocom GmbH
Gründungsdatum 2014-05-22
Technologie Blockchain (Ethereum & other public permissionless Blockchains)
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Gründer von Jolocom

Joachim Lohkamp (CEO)