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Audiences attending concerts and festivals are reaching record highs and are expected to generate in 2017 sales above 1,1 bn USD in Germany alone. As venue capacity is limited, concerts of particularly popular artists are sold out in hours if not in minutes. Additionally, access to live concerts is limited by several further factors. Concerts are dominantly performed in selective large cities and economically sound countries leaving fans in rural areas or non popular countries behind. The music industry could generate a substantial amount of higher revenues, if a larger audience could be reached.

ICO Information

Status ended
Start Feb 15, 2018
Ende Jul 15, 2018
Restlaufzeit n/a
Website website
Whitepaper Download
Token Symbol CVT
Token Kategorie Utility
Token Basis Ethereum (ERC-20)
Handelsplattformen (Exchanges) n/a

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Startup Information:

Kategorie Entertainment
Rechtsform Goodstuff-Media GmbH
Gründungsdatum 2016-12-01
Technologie Blockchain (Ethereum)
Investoren n/a


Sebastian Deyle (CEO)
Andreas Knuffmann (COO)

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