Blockchain Startup

Unchain money transfers with family & friends



While financial regulators are looking to create more rules around digital currencies, companies and institutions are investing more than ever in cryptocurrencies because they make sense in our world economy.

The exchange of currency needs to grow beyond borders and be made simple and easy for individuals to engage in financial transactions. That’s where Chango comes in.

Created by tech innovator elunic and built on the Request Network with Ethereum, Chango is the app that will make digital financial transactions between friends as simple as sending an email.

Category Payments
Name elunic GmbH
Founding Date 2008-12-18
Token Offering No
Technology Blockchain (Ethereum)
Investors n/a

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Chango is looking for:

New Team Members (Job Offers): Current Openings
Token Investors for Pre-Sale: No
Equity Investors (Angels, VCs): Yes
Speaking Opportunities: Yes

Founders of Chango

Jonas Schaub (CEO)
Konrad Pustka (CPO)
Benjamin Ullrich (CTO)