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Scalable smart contracts interfacing with real-world data

Enterprise Infrastructure


æternity is a new blockchain platform, but it is also a vision for the future. This vision is being realized by a global community of believers, convinced in the disruptive potential of scalable, public blockchain technology. It is a movement that aims to propose decentralized, trustless alternatives to the existing governance, economic and financial intermediaries.

From a technological point of view, æternity is a public, open-source, blockchain-based distributed computing and digital-asset platform that builds upon decentralized cryptographic P2P technology. The platform is open to anyone, anywhere in the world to use.

Kategorie Enterprise Infrastructure
Rechtsform Aeternity Establishment
Gründungsdatum n/a
Technologie Blockchain (Ethereum)
Investoren n/a

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ICO-Information zu aeternity

ICO Status vergangener ICO
ICO Start 29.05.2017
ICO Ende 19.07.2017
ICO Restlaufzeit n/a
ICO Webseite n/a
Whitepaper Download
Token Symbol AE
Token Kategorie Utility
Token Basis Ethereum / ERC-20
Handelsplattformen (Exchanges) n/a

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Gründer von aeternity

Yanislav Malahov