actus protocol

Blockchain Startup
ACTUS Protocol

Unify finance on Blockchains

Enterprise Infrastructure

ACTUS Protocol

The ACTUS Protocol (AP) is an on open blockchain-agnostic standard to create interoperable digital financial assets for a seamless exchange of value.

Tokenize any financial instrument in an economically consistent and technologically interoperable way.

Category Enterprise Infrastructure
Legal Entity Aptar AG
Founding Date 2018
Technology Blockchain (ACTUS protocol)
Investors n/a

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ACTUS Protocol is looking for:

New Team Members (Job Offers): n/a
Token Investors for Pre-Sale: n/a
Equity Investors (Angels, VCs): n/a
Speaking Opportunities: n/a

Founders of ACTUS Protocol

Nils Bundi (CFO)
Johannes Pfeffer (CTO)
Michael Svoboda (CEO)