Blockchain Startup

Solution for the art industry



An unprecedented standard of authenticity, security, and transparency for the art world. Thanks to blockchain and sophisticated image-authentication tech.

4ARTechnologies uses the enormous potential of blockchain and smart contracts to offer all players of the art industry greater transparency, security and efficiency. The privacy of buyers and sellers is guaranteed along every step, and for every transaction.

With its decentralised nature, the blockchain offers the ideal solution. Due to the system´s inherent matching of all stored data, it is no longer possible to manipulate these information once they have been recorded. The specific transmission and storage of the data as well as the strict separation of personal and object-related information fully safeguards the privacy of all parties involved at all times. The stored data, whether details of surface conditions or transactions, can be verified beyond doubt at any time.

Category Identity
Name 4ARTechnologies AG
Founding Date 2018-7-4
Token Offering No
Technology Blockchain
Investors n/a

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Founders of 4ARTechnologies

Niko Kipouros
Rolf Maier